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First Community Service Event of the Semester
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CASA Fostering Young Scholars in Design
Vanessa Hernandez, March 8, 2015
CASA Member’s were able to participate in their first community service event of the semester with Kindercaminata; a Raza Recruitment and Retention Center event that brings kindergarteners, parents, and teachers from all over the bay area to the UC Berkeley campus, where they were able to engage with current students and faculty. During their time on the campus these young scholars and parents were able to visit the campus and go to educational workshops.
Raza Recruitment and Retention Center also facilitated a carnival during the students lunch break where many Raza organizations including CASA were able to create engaging activities for the students. For our activity we wanted students to engage with designing and building structures with gummy candy and toothpicks.
It was great to see all the students that came to the table be excited about creating their own homes, schools, or even their own unique creations with the candy and toothpicks. Current CASA member Anarosa Robledo while volunteering at the booth said “At Kindercaminata, I witnessed the kids learn. As they created 2D objects and extruded them, they were astonished. I am grateful to have allowed them to experience a fun educational activity”. Another current CASA member Adrian Garcia Hernandez said “I think kindercaminata was one of the best events we've participated in as a group. The kids seemed to be having so much fun and a friend from one of the other booths said that a kindergartner refused to let go of his gummy structure to play a game. I think it was a really cool way to show how fun the creative process can be”. As CASA members it is critical to engage our communities and especially young students with the idea that higher education is important and attainable.
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